Wiltshire Link Schemes

About Link Schemes

Over 900 people are helped every week by Link Volunteers Link Schemes are local voluntary groups offering a low level support to local people who are in need either because they are elderly, lonely, disabled, single parents or perhaps are temporarily in need because of illness.

To volunteer for your local Link Scheme please call: 01380 722475

Link Schemes have existed in Wiltshire since 1979 and can be found in most rural and urban communities. The Schemes are set up in response to local people recognising a need for the service. They provide a safety net for those unable to access services in other ways, such as public transport.

Who can use the Service?

  • People who need help to get out and about or a little support in the home and garden.
  • Anyone who has difficulty getting to medical appointments, shopping or the hairdresser.
  • Those in areas with poor transport links.
  • People with a disability.

The service aims to support those who need a little help to maintain their independence and quality of life.

Website: www.communityfirst.org.uk/transport/directory